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Food from our farm


Forest Pastured Pork

At Best Life Farm, our pigs are forest pastured allowing them to behave, well, like pigs - rooting, wallowing, and eating a naturally diverse diet. All supplemental feed is provided by high-quality companies like Blue Seal.


Our pigs are never fed food such as discarded bakery goods which provide almost no nutritional value for our animals and may be unhealthy in large quantities. Raising pigs this way is significantly more expensive and labor-intensive than typical "confinement" farming methods. However, most customers interested in buying meat directly from a local farm feel that what is fed to the animal is equally as important as how it was raised.


Whole and half pig shares are available by reservation and will be cut to order based on your preferences.

USDA inspected retail cuts are also available for purchase based on availability.

Please call in advance to check availability and to set a time for pickup.

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